EDU 305 Blog 1

Part 1

  1. I viewed some popular blogs for educators. In my search I found that of the blogs I viewed, most of the bloggers were teachers. Many of the bloggers were passionate about specific topics and subject matters. Other bloggers were principles and administrators and I found one or two bloggers who were data analysts. The data analyst analyzed data on teachers, schools, and test scores.
  2. Three things I learned from the blog I read:
    1. There are many rules in the teaching profession and it is important for a teacher to make sure he or she is doing everything by the book to ensure success and staying out of trouble.
    2. Technology helped this teachers students get excited about learning and writing.
    3. This teacher went above and beyond what was expected from her to ensure success in her students. Successful teachers must go above and beyond what is in their job description to have successful students.

Source: McNeil, Elisha. “California Teacher Under Fire for Buying Laptops for Students.” Education Week. 14 Jan. 2016. Web. 25 Jan. 2016.

Part 2

I watched a video titled A Vision of K-12 Students Today and thought about what I saw in the video and how it applied to me as a teacher. Below are some ideas I had while watching the video and things that surprised me or caught my eye.

1. Three ideas presented in the video that concerned or surprised me:

  1. One girl held up a sign that she watched 16 and a half hours of TV a week. That is almost 2 and a half hours a day. That is a lot of time in front of the TV.
  2. I thought it was cool that one boy listened to 5 hours of Harry Potter on his iPod that week. At least, he was using technology for something other than TV.
  3. Technology engages learners in the 21st century so educators need to come up with ways to incorporate learning into technology.

2. Some of the ideas in the video that meant the most to me as a prospective educator:

  • Children want me to engage them as an educator
  • I do not want to be in the 63% of teachers who do not let their students create with technology
  • I want students to be active in their learning, therefore, I need to let them think and create digitally
  • I am from a different generation than my students I need to think about how they learn instead of forcing how I learned on them
  • Sharing information is big today so I want my students to be able to share what they create with others

Part 3

wordle 3

I experimented with Wordle and made word clouds. The word cloud above was my favorite. The word cloud contains all the United States presidents and the years they were active. I could use this cloud in my classroom in a social studies lesson to introduce the presidents of the United States. Wordle was easy to use. I visited and typed in a list of all the presidents and the years they were active then I clicked create. From there I was able to edit the colors to make the presidents names and terms look patriotic. I could use this wordle as a word bank/search for my students. I could use it to assess what they already know so I can teach what they don’t know. I could give my students an activity such as the Presidents Activity I created (click the title to pull up a pdf of the activity) to figure out how many presidents they know. From there I could look at the assignment and determine how many of the presidents my students are familiar with. This would help me plan lessons accordingly. Even if, when I am teaching, the NC standards for social studies does not require students to learn all 43 presidents in order, this would be a fun activity to introduce the presidents they do have to know and/or the executive branch of government. This activity could be easily modified to fit any standard involving presidents and/or government (Standard 5.C&G.1 of the NC 5th grade essential standards).

Part 4

I am in the second semester of my Junior year at Meredith College. This semester I am taking EDU305 Web 2.0 Tech for Public Schools as park of my K-6 licensure program. In this class, we assess different forms of technology and different uses of that technology in the classroom. This class will help me be a successful and engaging educator in the twenty-first century. Below is an evaluation of the class thus far.

  1. A new technology I have learned in EDU305:

In this class, we have learned how to use many different technologies thus far. My favorite was learning how to create a website using Wix. I am so excited about having my own website as a professional. I think the Website will be a great source for administrators to learn more about me and what I did while at Meredith College. I also think the website will help me as an educator. I can post homework assignments, a classroom schedule, and an agenda. With a classroom website, I can have open communication with students, parents, and administration and stay organized. I plan to keep my website up to date and add to it once I start student teaching and then again later on when I get a job in the field of education. 2. Something I already knew before taking EDU305: In this class we

2. Something I already knew before taking EDU305: In this class we

In this class, we were assigned to used a resume template in Word to make a professional Resume. I already knew how to make a Resume because I have had to make one for jobs and other classes, but making them on a template made me make some updates and changes to my old resume. I do not think making a resume for this class was a waste of time, but I already knew how to use the software.

3. How I might use the technology in EDU305 with my students:

I will definitely be using storyjumper with my students. I think storyjumper would be a great way to assess students on a topic. I can teach on a topic and then ask them to make a story about the topic in enough detail that they could use it to teach the topic to someone else. I would create a rubric and outline specific expectations. I think storyjumper is a great tool to assess students in a form other than a test.


Using Storyjumper in the Classroom

Kayla’s Day at the Beach

Above is a book I created on Storyjumper is a great tool to use in the classroom with students. It allows them to be creative and display their knowledge in a fun, engaging, and inspirational way. I believe storyjumper would be a great way to assess students on their knowledge of a topic. It would be a great way to assess students of all grade levels without giving them a standard test. I plan on using storyjumper in my classroom.